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AutoCAD 2019 Announced

AutoCAD 2019 Announced

AutoCAD 2019 Announced

On March 22, Autodesk officially announced the new AutoCAD 2019 release, which now includes specialized toolsets, was available for users to download. To align with Autodesk’s recent push to license subscription, they are making things a bit more enticing for users to subscribe and let go of those precious perpetual licenses.

The new release now includes a total of 7 specialized toolsets, which Autodesk also states, includes access to over 750,000 intelligent objects, styles, parts, features and symbols for subscribers to choose from.

The toolsets are aimed to help users work faster and more efficiently. These toolsets are industry-specific, and have been designed to minimize the overall number of process steps while creating the same outcome. For an example, Marcus O’Brien from Autodesk provides the following example:

For example, by using the Architecture toolset to model a design, you’ll save a significant amount of time incorporating real architectural elements such as doors, walls, and windows, instead of starting from lines and circles; creating a wall in AutoCAD requires 5 steps, whereas the same outcome in the Architecture toolset requires only 3 steps. (Source Article)


Architecture Toolset
Mechanical Toolset
Use specialized building design features and 8,000+ intelligent architectural objects and styles to speed architectural drawing and documentation. Use specialized mechanical design features and 700,000+ intelligent manufacturing parts, features, and symbols to speed product design.
Electrical Toolset
MEP Toolset
Use specialized electrical design features and 65,000+ intelligent electrical symbols to boost productivity for creating, modifying, and documenting electrical controls systems. Use specialized MEP engineering features and 10,500+ intelligent mechanical, electrical, and plumbing objects to draft, design, and document building systems.
Plant 3D Toolset
Map 3D Toolset
Use the specialized plant design and engineering toolset to efficiently produce P&IDs and then integrate them into a 3D plant design model. Use specialized mapping features to incorporate GIS and CAD data to support planning, design, and data management. Access spatial data stored in files, databases, and web services, and aggregate it with your AutoCAD design data.
Raster Design Toolset
Use raster to vector tools to help you edit scanned drawings and convert raster images into DWG objects.

While the release and announcement were made nearly two weeks ago, there was an issue on Autodesk’s website which was preventing current subscribers from downloading the latest software, however,  this has since been worked out by Autodesk. If you have yet to download AutoCAD 2019, then now may be a good time to start getting up to speed on the latest version of AutoCAD. Head on over and checkout your Autodesk Account or check the Autodesk Desktop App today.

Along with the release of AutoCAD 2019, Autodesk has also launched the updated AutoCAD web app, as well as an updated mobile app. To utilize the new web app all you need to do is head on over to web.autocad.com and login using your Autodesk account. And keep in mind there is nothing that you need to download or install either, as everything runs from the website. Don’t forget this is not a fully featured version of AutoCAD, but some core 2D drafting and editing tools are available.

The updated mobile app is available across most major app stores for download today. One item to note, Autodesk has optimized the mobile app for the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and Windows Surface.

Over the next few weeks, we will be diving into AutoCAD 2019, the new toolsets and all of the latest features, so stay tuned.