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Category: AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2019 Announced

On March 22, Autodesk officially announced the new AutoCAD 2019 release, which now includes specialized toolsets, was available for users to download. To align with Autodesk’s recent push to license subscription, they are making things a bit more enticing for users to subscribe and let go of those precious perpetual licenses.

Useful Blogs & Sites

More often than not, we spend hours online looking for solutions to many questions regarding the use of Autodesk software and customization. Yet, finding a common listing of sites that are regularly updated and that provide useful information may not always be easy. To help make things a little easier, we have prepared a list…
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Civil 3D & Generative Design – What Are The Possibilities?

Recently, Engineering.com posted an article in regards to a new generative design tool for CAD, CAE and BIM from Autodesk. While this is honestly something that can sound extremely beneficial, let’s take a look into what the future of land development could be, should something along these lines make its way into a product such as…
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Essential Commands for AutoCAD – Part 2

Two weeks ago, we wrote up a few commands that we feel can help AutoCAD users of all levels, and we are not stopping yet. This week we are going to continue with some more commands to help get users moving a bit more.

AutoCAD Online – First Steps Forward

Towards the end of April this year, Kean Walmsley wrote a post on his Through the Interface blog that caught our attention.  In his post, Kean talks about a new preview version of a new AutoCAD web viewer that Autodesk’s AutoCAD team has been working on. Granted the post was made just about five months…
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Essential Commands for AutoCAD – Part 1

Efficiency is a key factor when it comes to business. Saving a little time here and there can add up quickly. To help uses we are going to be doing a series of what we consider to be essential commands and shortcuts for anyone using AutoCAD. Most AutoCAD re-seller blogs will only show you basic…
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