Last Wednesday, November 25th, Amazon Web Services (AWS) went though a major outage. Resulting from the outage, thousands of other online services across the internet were hit with issues. From Amazon’s own Ring services to Autodesk products, news outlets have stated that almost all major cloud-based software applications that rely on AWS North American region servers were impacted.

While it may not seem as though this is becoming a common issue, it does bring to light the question of the reliance of third party service integrations and their vulnerabilities.

For the company I work for, this downtime on AWS’s part resulted in approximately 52 hours of lost time across the company. Factor in billable rates and other factors, and now ask how many millions of dollars were lost for a slim period of nearly two hours by all of the companies that were directly and indirectly affected by the outage.

While it is understandable for companies such as Autodesk and others to rely on third parties to provide services such as licensing, the recent outage has brought the question of what companies will do to prevent outages like this from happening in the future.

After dealing with the affects of last Wednesday’s outage, I hope that AWS, as well as companies such as Autodesk look into integrating back-up servers and services for authentication and licensing purposes such as those that were affected.