Essential Commands for AutoCAD – Part 2

Essential Commands for AutoCAD – Part 2

Two weeks ago, we wrote up a few commands that we feel can help AutoCAD users of all levels, and we are not stopping yet. This week we are going to continue with some more commands to help get users moving a bit more.

Along with the list below, we have put together a PDF version that you can download by clicking HERE.

Shortcuts & Commands

  • LAYCUR – Allows the user to select objects that will be moved from their existing layer to the current layer.
  • LAYMRG – Merge selected or named layers with another layer. Great for when using 3rd party drawings that need to be combined into your drawings.
  • LAYDEL – Allows a user to delete an entire layer. This is useful when you have layers that will not purge and you really want them gone. Be aware that any objects on the layer selected will be deleted
  • DIMBREAK – Allows a dimension to be “broken” at user specified locations or automatically around objects that cross the selected dimension. This is a great way to break a dimension without exploding and trimming, or even using masking at times.
  • APPLOAD – Allows users to load different types of AutoCAD add-on applications, from LISP to VLX files. Also allows for adding items to AutoCAD’s start-up suite to load applications automatically when AutoCAD launches.

Load applications when starting/opening or on demand in AutoCAD.

  • CLOSEALL – Closes all of the open drawings in the current AutoCAD session. In the event there are any unsaved changes, the user is prompted to save. This does not close AutoCAD, but merely the drawings and takes the user back to the start tab.
  • SAVEALL – Saves all of the open drawings in the current AutoCAD session.
  • OVERKILL – Removes duplicate geometry. Also overlapping lines, arcs and polylines while also providing the ability to combine partially overlapping or contiguous ones.

Removes duplicate geometry as well as overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines. Also, combines partially overlapping or contiguous ones.

The OVERKILL settings dialog box.

  • QSELECT – Easily select objects based off of a list of available filters, including: color, layer, linetype, and others.

Using the QSELECT Command makes selecting specific items easy.

  • MOCORO – The MOCORO command is an Express Tools command that is an extremely convenient in the fact that it combines the most commonly used modification commands: Move, copy, rotate, scale, base point, undo.
  • OOPS – The OOPS command allows you to restore the last objects that were erased using the ERASE command.
  • PREVIOUS – When in a command that is prompting the user to select items, you can use PREVIOUS to select all of the objects that were previously selected.
  • LAST – When in a command that is prompting the user to select items, you can use LAST to select the very last object that was created in the drawing.
  • TAB key – When trying to select objects that are overlapping or trying to snap to a specific entity, use the TAB key to cycle through the overlapping entities. As you press tab, the current item will highlight and have its draw order temporarily changed to top.
  • MATCHPROP Settings – While many users already know of the MATCHPROP command, not everyone uses the actual settings. The MATCHPROP settings are available after the initial selection and allows the user to specify what properties are matched.

Specifies the properties that are matched from the selected source to the selected destination objects.