Our Services

Several industries use CAD to reduce design times, unify design appearance, ensure design accuracy, and even maximize user efficiency. While CAD can definitely help us achieve efficient, accurate, and faster designs, extending CAD through customization can take things to the next level.

Customization can consist of several different areas, and one of the most common is simply new commands that may be unique to a single process with just a single company. Other more advanced customization can link companies together through unified standards, built-in training and standard solutions, and more. Depending on the needs of your processes, the level of customization that you need can greatly differ. From CAD Standards to UI Customization, CivilCAD Design is here to help you find the right customization to help you succeed more.

Below you will find a full list of common services that CivilCAD Design provides to customers located throughout the United States. The services listed can also be adjusted on an individual basis to provide you with the services that you really need.

CAD Customization Services
Commands Ribbons/Menus
Tool Palettes Civil 3D Automation
External Windows Programs VB.Net / AutoLISP
Drafting Services
Earthworks & Topography Exhibits Zoning & Land-Use Exhibits
Land Survey Exhibits GIS Data Maps
Property Exhibits And More!
CAD Management & Standards Services
Standards Creation Intranet Implementation
Template Creation Block Management
Standards Manuals And More!
Software We Use
Civil 3D Infraworks
AutoCAD Map 3D
Lumion LumenRT
And others…

CivilCAD Design provides drafting and support services. Any products that are prepared by CivilCAD Design are intended solely for the use of CivilCAD Design’s clients. Any items that require the use/approval/review by an accredited and state certified Professional, such as, but not limited to Professional Land Surveyors, Professional Civil Engineers, Lawyer, it shall be the client’s responsibility to obtain these services as required by local and federal laws. CivilCAD Design is not responsible in any manner for clients not following local and federal laws as required.

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