The Process


Our clients are located throughout the United States, and each requires different CAD services. As a result, we acknowledge that not everyone will be familiar with obtaining CAD services. We treat each project with the specific needs of that project to ensure quality service. Therefore, the following is a typical outline of the process for a project.

Project SCOPE

After initial contact has been made by the client, the subject project will be discussed to properly identify the scope of work that will be required. Once the scope has been agreed upon by both CivilCAD Design and the client, a proposal shall be provided detailing the scope of work and any key items discussed. During the preparation of the proposal, it may be requested that the client provide any pertinent files for review to further determine the amount of work required for a project prior to the completion of the proposal.

Execution of Project

After both CivilCAD Design and the client have agreed upon and signed the proposal, the project becomes executed and is assigned to a Project Manager. The project is worked on by one of CivilCAD Design’s staff members. During each project, a CAD Manager and the Project Manager regularly provide reviews to ensure standards, quality, accuracy, and quality assurance are met with the expectations of both the client and CivilCAD Design. Depending on the type and size of the project, progress prints or files may be provided at scheduled intervals. Constant contact between CivilCAD Design and the client will also take place to address any comments or questions that arise during the project.

PROJECT Delivery

Every project goes through a final review by the Project Manager and CAD Manager to verify conformance to any standards utilized in addition to standard quality control. Once the final review has been completed, any comments that may arise are addressed then the completed files are provided to the client. Delivery of files may include email, FTP, mail or other methods as deemed appropriate.

PROJECT Confidentiality

Every project that is prepared by CivilCAD Design is backed by a non-disclosure agreement between CivilCAD Design and it’s employees. We will not divulge any information to anyone other than authorized by the client with written permission.